The 3 Best Baby Monitors You Can Buy for Under $100

It used to be a simple fact that if you wanted a good Baby Monitor, you’d need to pay hundreds of dollars either upfront or in smaller, slightly less painful installments each month. The trend is already yielding some low-cost baby monitors that are available to budget-minded consumers on the worlds leading market place amazon. Among the affordable choices available, phones fall into a couple of categories: video baby monitors and audio baby monitors. This collection of The 3 Best Baby Monitors under $100 included the branded baby monitors such brands are well known as infant optics, levena and foscam.


We are going to cover The best 3 baby monitors which you can buy under $100, which fulfills all of your requirements. These are best brands and one of the top selling baby monitors. Nowadays nearly all parents go for the wireless video baby monitor, since it is only slightly more expensive than the audio-only ones, and allows you to always know what is going on.

Foscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor

Foscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor 1

Foscam FBM3501 is one of the cheapest video baby monitor equipped with so many useful features which make this gadget one of the best selling model. Large 3.5 inch LCD screen with automatic night vision and two-way communication facility brings peace of mind. VOX ensures baby’s safety while saving battery life. Room temperature display and feed timer guaranties baby’s comfort. Remotely controlled pan and tilt will give you freedom from trips down to baby’s room to confirm everything in place.

Have you used any of these Baby monitors on your own? If so, what was your experience with using them? And if you think any other baby monitor which should be in our list of Top 5 best selling and Top Rated Baby Monitors then Leave a comment below to let us know.

Foscam FBM3501 is a low price but is equipped with many important features that often found in expensive video baby monitor. You are gonna love its Full color 3.5 inch LCD screen, automatic night vision, two-way communication facility, automatic power ON/OFF, long signal range and many more useful features. That’s why Foscam FBM3501 is also one of the bestsellers in its category on Amazon.

The Good:

  • Large LCD screen offers more clarity of the images.
  • Digital zoom enables you to view close up images.
  • Two-way communication facility.
  • Multiple camera compatibility.
  • Voice activated video saves the battery life as well as monitors your baby.
  • Remote controlled pan and tilt option provides you a wide range view without much of an effort.
  • High temperature and feed timer alert.
  • Equipped with lots of useful features that too at lower price.

The Bad:

  • Relatively short battery life.
  • IR lights are not invisible, may scare the baby.
  • Automatic scan option is not available for multiple cameras.
  • The light sensor cannot get the exact status of light of the crib due to its location. The night vision may not start its operation when needed.

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Infant Optics’s DXR-5 is a value for price gadget. It may cheap to some people for its look. To be fair although it’s a light weighted but compact in design. It can perform its job flawlessly. It’s such a wonderful gadget that every parents want to have.

It is very popular amongst parents because of its simplicity in design & easy to use features. It is as cheap as $100 and comes with exactly as many options as you would like to have in your baby monitor.

The Good:

  • Light weighted, portable and compact in design.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Crystal clear video feed.
  • Built-noise elimination.
  • Super long battery life.

The Bad:

  • Sound is not loud enough.
  • It may feel cheap to some people.

Levana Ayden 3.5″ Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Camera

Levan Ayden 3.5 Digitl video baby Monitor

Levana Ayden equipped with 3.5 inch large LCD screen which, transmits ClearVu® secured real time data to you. Although video quality may get affected during low light situation but night vision performance got only better. Two-way communication, build-in lullabies and nightlight options these entire make Levana Ayden a Top rated baby monitor. Parents may get disturbed by the LED indicator light during night but there is no such issue with baby unit. You can monitor up to four cameras with a single parent unit, so no worries if your family grows. Mind-blowing 48 hrs battery backup placed Levana Ayden at top. Overall Levana Ayden can be the video baby monitor you are looking for.

Ayden means Enduring. The 3.5” digital video monitor equipped with almost every essential features that parents need. Long 48 hours battery backup, ClearVu® secured data transmission, strong signal – all of this wonderful thing you will get literally at a lower price.

It has also listed in amazon’s best selling digital video baby monitors, Let’s find out what Levana Ayden has to offer in details.

The Good:

  • Long 48 hrs battery life in PEEP mode.
  • Sound sensitivity alerts you of noise level of nursery even volume is down.
  • Expandable up to four cameras.
  • Three lullabies to soothe the baby.
  • Nightlight option to calm down the kid if he/she scared of dark.
  • Two way communications assists you to talk to your baby.
  • Night vision works pretty well.

The Bad:

  • Video image quality suffers when the light is low, not dark enough to switch on night vision.
  • Remote pan/tilt is not available, may be difficult to use for toddlers.
  • Strong LED indicator ring light can disturb you in the night when everything is pitch black.

These are the main things you need to consider when buying baby video monitor online. This monitoring system will work fine for years and can be easily replaceable if additional cameras are needed. When you baby grows up, you can use this system in the child’s play room or a study room too.

Have you used any of these Baby monitors on your own? If so, what was your experience with using them? And if you think any other baby monitor which should be in our list of The 3 Best Baby Monitors You Can Buy for Under $100 then Leave a comment below to let us know. And if you own a Pet and your baby loves it then you should check out the best gift ideas on this website.

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