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On June 23, 2017
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For a very entertaining chair for your infant look no further, cheer up a fractious baby with movements of bouncing and swaying that mimic your own movements when you are too tired and need a break

The 4 moms Mamaroo bouncer Is a state of the art upper budget bouncing chair, it sways, bumps along as if in a car, bounces and is designed to mimic the movement of a mum swaying with her baby, guaranteed to reassure and soothe your baby off to sleep. The beauty of this baby bouncer is the speakers. Most baby swings offer a selection of lullabies in polyphonic sounds but The 4 moms Mamaroo bouncer has surround speakers giving your baby the ultimate musical experience, perhaps you would choose to play Brahms Lullaby by a symphony orchestra or pop songs and ballads, it’s a musical experience both you and your baby will enjoy. The baby swing has an adaptor for an MP3 player so you can customize a playlist for you and your baby.   The 4 moms Mamaroo bouncer plugs into the mains and is quite heavy but you can still pick it up and transport it room to room as it is quite compact in size.

Comes With Beautiful Mobile App

The 4 moms Mamaroo baby bouncer is designed so it reclines to any position due to the slide mechanics of the frame. A great plus is that it is a SMART device and can be controlled from your smartphone. This saves laboriously bending over your infant perhaps disturbing them as they relax.  Change sounds or position of the recliner. Is the baby asleep? Lean them backward for ultimate comfort from across the room sing your SMART phone. Experienced mums have said that a baby swing is a must when you have a young baby. The baby swings soothe and relax pulling the baby off to sleep and freeing your time to complete other tasks or simply have some me time. Perhaps you would wish to take a nap yourself?

This baby bouncer comes in 5 colours, classic grey, silver plush, multi plush, designer plush, or simple black. It is designed to bounce and sway just as a parent bounces and sways with their baby.  The baby swing/bouncer is built for infants up to 25lb and has options such as car ride and swing as well as bouncing and swaying. The nice thing about this rocker is that you can plug it into a mp3 player so choose the sounds your baby can listen to and keep him/her entertained in the best possible way with your personal choice of music. This baby bouncer has built in speakers for good quality sound.

Several Recline Positions

It has several recline positions and can be adjusted easily for your baby’s comfort; it also has overhead toys to focus on and enjoy their bright colors. The overhead toys don’t spin but are bright and enjoyable to look at. The rocker is blue tooth enabled and can be linked up to your smartphone so that you can control it from a distance. The dimensions are 26.2 x 9.2 x 22.5 inches and it weighs 19lb. As well as the MP3 option, the baby bouncer has programmed sounds to sooth and intrigue your baby. It is corded electric and has a LED control display.

The Mamaroo bouncer sways up and down and from side to side giving your infant an exciting and entertaining ride which will keep them very happy. The baby bounce also swings and every infant loves a swing The Mamaroo retails at $239 from Amazon who are renowned for good customer service. This baby swing/bouncer is very well made and the seat is wipe clean polyester. The baby swing/bouncer is blue tooth enabled so that you can control motion and sound. The bouncer has 5 different movements including car ride to delight your infant. Not only can you alter the type of movement but also the speed of movement. The bouncy chair will turn itself off after a certain amount of time for safety.

This baby bouncer has 5 motion settings such as car ride, kangaroo, tree swing and rock a bye. It has very gentle soothing movements so perhaps would not suit a more active baby. Customers were divided, some babies settled in the bouncer for 2 hour naps, other only napped for 15 minutes and parents had to give in and buy a more traditional swing with more vigorous motions The 4 moms Mamaroo bouncer is a sleek modern design and state of the art technology, it smoothly reclines into any position and is blue tooth enabled meaning you do not have to disturb a relaxed baby to change the sound or position on the bounce- you can control it from your mobile SMART phone.

Compact in Size

It is quite small in size and so accommodates itself to modern living spaces. It has a larger than usual choice in the seat cover range so that you can choose the colours to blend the bouncer in with your decor. Also there is no fuss taking a seat cover on and off to wash as the padded comfortable seat is made of polyester and can simply be wiped clean leaving it nice fresh, use warm soapy water and a sponge.

The chair is designed “to move like you do” with gentle swaying, bouncing and swinging, this will sooth a young baby when you need to rest. Once the baby is relaxed you have free time to get on with other tasks such as chores, or some Me time to read, paint your nails or take a nap. The surround sound will add a bit of cheerful music to your day helping you get though your chores at the same time as relaxing the baby. Once you are aware of which tunes help baby relax or gurgle happily you can make an MP3 play list and programme them into bouncer.

The control panel is on the base and features a touch sensitive LED display. It is quite straight forward if you read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter. The instruction manual is clear and concise and you should have no problem following it. The Bouncer/swing seat is pretty easy to assemble and customers said they had no trouble setting it up. It is worthwhile taking your time in setting up the chair and particularly in synching your devices, it is important to know what you are doing, so do take care and read the manual. The baby bouncer comes with a year’s manufacturer’s warranty. It is quite expensive but state of the art and you pay for what you get.

The Bottom line

For a very entertaining chair for your infant look no further, cheer up a fractious baby with movements of bouncing and swaying that mimic your own movements when you are too tired and need a break. Let your infant enjoy the built in surround speakers for great sound and music of your choice whether classical or pop simply programme your mp3 player and synch the device with the chair all this can be done from your android smart phone. A bonus has to be that you can control the bounce and movement as well as recline from your  smart phone making it more convenient and ensuring you don’t disturb your relaxing infant.  Not only does it bounce, it can recline into any position with easy adjustments. The overhead toys spin and jangle giving your infant something to focus on and grab at .The Mamaroo bouncer also has a selection of sounds and lullabies which will intrigue and sooth your infant. At $239.00 you are getting value and quality and state of the art technology.

For a very entertaining chair for your infant look no further, cheer up a fractious baby with movements of bouncing and swaying that mimic your own movements when you are too tired and need a break

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